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What we really want

Posted in Our World on abril 30, 2008 by Unsere Welten

What we want isn’t always what we need. There’s no doubt that we should keep looking for a better life, to believe and get what we want, but at the same time we need to be careful, sometimes what we’re wishing make us blind for what we already have, always looking for something more, and when we reach what we were looking for, we can’t be happy anymore cause we’re already wishing something better, by the way we can’t enjoy what’s around us and realize how wonderful the life could be, how great are what we have already reached. We need to learn to enjoy what we have! Of course it doesn’t mean we should to be completely “satisfected” and by the way to stop our progress, this is pure comodism and it isn’t healthful.

There always will be someone with more money, more things, more fame… but don’t forget that even those who have “everything”, are always wanting something more, is it material or not. Maybe these eternal frenetic wishies, always wanting more and more, is what is driving the world so crazy, people are blind, making all their effort to get what they want, doesn’t matter the way it will take.

We need to learn how to realize what we want, what we really want. I’ve never met a normal person who likes and wishes war and bad things, if you ask to someone if he want’s a more paceful world, you will probally get a positive answer. But the world is full of angry, why do it happens? People are not listening to their real wishies. Everybody want to love and to be loved, but many times they don’t know how to love to get love, we’re missing consciousness, balance… to love is really easy, we just need to know and find the way to understand what is happening in this world, what’s happening with us.

Be happy!


People around us

Posted in My World on abril 26, 2008 by Unsere Welten

I look around me and I can realize people who have passed through my life, then there are people who saw me borning and I never met, people who I got in my childhood and I never saw another time. There are people who are gifts, even when they made part of just a little piece of our lives, they are special and now we are just following different pathways.

This is life, along the way people pass through our lives, some of then keep on our way other ones will just compose a piece of our lives and we can remember (or not) about them with tenderness. I can remember people that I keep on my heart, people from the past, people who I don’t keep in touch today and I don’t want to, I just give them all my respect for making part of my life someday.

I keep going on my pathway, with people who are still with me and looking forward to the new ones who will appear on my life.

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