People around us

I look around me and I can realize people who have passed through my life, then there are people who saw me borning and I never met, people who I got in my childhood and I never saw another time. There are people who are gifts, even when they made part of just a little piece of our lives, they are special and now we are just following different pathways.

This is life, along the way people pass through our lives, some of then keep on our way other ones will just compose a piece of our lives and we can remember (or not) about them with tenderness. I can remember people that I keep on my heart, people from the past, people who I don’t keep in touch today and I don’t want to, I just give them all my respect for making part of my life someday.

I keep going on my pathway, with people who are still with me and looking forward to the new ones who will appear on my life.


Uma resposta to “People around us”

  1. Rob, desse seu primeiro post, eu entendi pacas! =D

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