Rainbows in the Dark

Do you know those days when you have a nightmare and then everything around you sounds to be deep and dark, then you start asking yourself about what you are doing here and your role in this world? Sometimes you can feel like a child who can reach the rainbow and suddenly facing the world in a darkness which makes you cry a river without knowing the real reason.

You look around and realize that there are people who would never change, that will have always the same negative thoughts, and as it’s not enough you also realize that there are a lot of people like this in this world, and then you start to think that nothing will be changed and the world is completely lost. Everything seems to be terrible, you are down, and nothing is good, if there’s a blue sky and a beautiful sunshine you can’t even pay attention to this because you feel sick, you are too busy involved with your own darkness and, as you couldn’t see, you are just like that person who would never be changed or change something, influencing other people to be more and more down.

This is the way the world is going on, and feeling down and blue thinking why we should keep going since no one seems to care. But it’s possible to realize that there are so many beautiful things that worth fighting for.

If everybody cares, the world could be changed. If no one would care, the world would already find its end.


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