Whenever, wherever and whoever.

Here I am, lost in my thoughts, writing to you once more. Since I don’t know where are you from, I have no idea in which language I should speak to you. I have done it in Portuguese before, now I do it in English.  If you can’t get me anyway, I’m really sorry, these are the only languages I can write for now, someday we’ll be speaking the same language.

I know you are somewhere and I though I’ve met you before, but I was wrong. Well, actually, maybe I have already met you, but you are not for sure the one I though you were. Where are you right now? Have you ever though about all those people which will appear on our way? Almost all of them (except for the babies which weren’t born yet) they are already somewhere. They are living by their own, and somehow universe finds a way to cross the lines of our lives. It is like this between you and me.

You were born already, you’re living somewhere, doing something I have no idea about what it is and someday we’ll cross our ways. I have no idea how it will be, or when it will be, but I know it will be. Sometimes, just like right now, my thought fly away trying to imagine how will I meet you, and I know that as much as I try to imagine, as much as it will be completely different from my imagination.

I can’t say I love you because I don’t know you yet, although I know when we’ll be together I’ll love you with all my strength. But maybe I can say I love you, since you (whoever you are) will be the one which will make me love you. So, somehow we already love each other, we just don’t know it yet.

We can’t look for each other, because you’ll appear when I won’t be paying attention, and I’ll appear when you won’t be looking for me. If we start looking for each other, maybe we’ll be busy trying to find in the wrong place and we won’t realize when we’ll be closer.

Wherever or whoever you are, be sure that my heart won’t ever belong to you. I need my own heart to survive (as you do), but we’ll share it with love and then we can smile watching the sunrise, the stars and the falling rain.

With love,

Your Love.


Uma resposta to “Whenever, wherever and whoever.”

  1. marinices Says:

    que lindoooo! 🙂

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